Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Film fra sør.

"Water" marked the ending of film fra sør, and what a fantastic ending that was.
During the last ten days i have seen six movies on the festival and that is a lot for a guy like me who rarely goes
to the movies. But some how festivals helps me out of the streets and in to the theaters.

"Invisible waves" which i already told you about was another trip in to the universe of Pen-ek Ratanaruang, an universe i strongly recommend.
especially "Last life in the universe".

Then it was yet another film from Thailand; Wisit Sasanatieng´s "Tears of the Black Tiger" a Thai Western Homage.
It was extremely kitchy with Thai men performing the coolest western lines you can imagine, and the hardest of them all The Black Tiger.

(The Black Tiger)

More comedy with "Saratan" from Kyrgyzstan, about everyday life in a Kyrgyz village. I find that the director Ernest Abdyjaparov tells more or less the same story as Hiner Saleem did in his Armenia set;Vodka Lemon
from 2003, about how the Soviet Union periphery disintegrated when the money as well as the warm water, and electricity disappeared after the fall. "Maybe we didn´t have freedom of speech but we had jobs."
One of the highlight is when the local sheriff tired of nagging puts both the local communist and the visiting representative for Jehovah's Witness to jail, in the same prison cell.
See them both, though i liked vodka lemon better.

In the Malaysian "The last communist"( which was the only documentary i saw at this festival) the director Amir Muhammad truly found a genius way to tell his story both about
the legendary Malayan communist leader Chin Peng as well as he manage to tell me a lot about Malayan history and how the country is today. Loved it, and spiced with psychedelic songs with a Casio-like arrangement i walked out a smarter and happier man.

"The Court"was the only African film i saw, and the only film that made me feel really bad, but who don´t when one is presented for the truth about the state some of African country's are set in by their debt to the west and in this case The World Bank and IFM.
The setting is an imaginary trail between Africa and the World Bank and IFM. Held in a backyard in Mali where people come and go, while Africans women and men, young and old presents their case for french judge. it´s a very heavy film and very good one.

"Water" won the festival competition, and my heart as well as many others, even though it´s a very sad story.
It takes place in 1938, Gandhi tours India, and times are changing, but not everything, the traditions still live on.
It tells the story about Chuyia who is widowed at the age of eight and according to tradition is sent to a house for widows where she has to spend the rest of her days with the other widows who is far from her age. this is a Truly spectacular film, but oh so sad.i say no more. Go see it.

next month;
Oslo International Film festival!

see you there!

at the movies,

Herr W


Amir said...

thank you for your encouraging comments!

Herr W said...

i´m the one that should be thanking you, as i said i loved the film,
thanks for droping by.